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Our Services

Offering a loving service for our pets who have touched our hearts

What services does Pet Angels provide?

At Pet Angels, every pet is treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. We care for each pet individually, giving owners peace of mind knowing that their pets are being treated with a personal and compassionate touch. We believe pets are family and should be treated as such.

Our Services: Services

Pet Collection Services

We can offer a collection service for any pet within a 10-mile radius, however, we are able to accommodate farther distances for an additional charge. 

If you would prefer to bring your pet to us at Ivy Farm yourself, we are happy to arrange a time for you to meet with us. 

Bulldog Family - Colour 66.jpg
Our Services: Services
Bulldog Family - Colour 66.jpg

Individual Pet Cremation

All our cremations are individual, a single pet in a single chamber and with dignity at all times. 

Once the cremation is complete the ashes are transferred into your casket or urn option. 

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Return of Ashes

We aim to have ashes for collection within 48 hours, We know that it is important for Pets to be returned back to their families where they belong as soon as possible. 

Ashes are also able to be returned on the same day prior to agreement. 

Our Services: Services
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